Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ellie turns ONE!!!

Ellie had her 1st birthday on November 27,2012, we had a party at our new home Saturday 11/23 with friends and family. 

We had such a nice party for our baby girl...I still can't believe she's 1!!!

We love you Ellie Lynn!!!!!

Major catch up.....the Huszars moved!!

Sorry I have let this blog go :-(

Here's what we've been up to the last several months!! We MOVED to town on November 6, 2012!!!! Here's a pic of our home with primer before the new color went on.
It's in an awesome location, East Boise, close to downtown, Barber park, river and green belt.  It's a big change from mountain living but a positive move for our family of SIX :-)
It's now painted a slate grey with light grey trim with new pretty garage doors with windows, we like the way it turned out.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Owen Anthony!!!!

We celebrated Owen's 4th birthday on his actual birthday, September 23, 2013, we had a fun little party at the park.  He requested a superman cake and our friend Stephanie didn't disappoint :-)

He was a bit shy when everyone was singing happy birthday so daddy stepped in to make it all better!!!!

Oh how he loved the chocolate :-)

 New shoes that light up from nana!

Owen gets very attached to things, and he loved opening his cards, so sweet!

My friend Amy and Owen share the same bday :-)

 Hanging with Amy and Shane's sweet baby girl, Lily

Ellie was so funny, she had some fun with this tissue paper, it was a good snack :-)

It's really hard to believe that Owen is FOUR!  Time is really flying by!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emery's 1st day of school!!!!

Emery had his first day of kindergarten Tuesday 8/27/13.  I captured this first shot during breakfast.....Emery was in deep thought about the day.  He told me "I am nervous mommy, it's a new school and I am kind of shy".  He didn't eat much.

The one below was taken right when we got out of the car

He's going to Riverside Elementary, it's a really great school, everyday from 9:10-12:00

Taken right before he went into his classroom for the first time

A pic with his teacher Mrs. Jones

Hanging up his backpack for the first time

Walking out of the class after we said goodbye, I looked around the room after all the kids left and there were lots of tears in the parents' eyes

I held it together until I walked to my car and drove away, this one below was taken as I left with tears rolling down both cheeks!

Saying goodbye to his teacher at the end of the day

It's pretty surreal.....Jason and I have been talking about the day when Emery would start school and it always seemed so far away and then all of the sudden the day is just here.  He is so ready and mostly we are excited for him, but of course as a parent you worry.....and if your this mommy, you overly worry on a good day :-)  The parents were asked to fill out a questionnaire on parent night and describe your child in 3 words, ours were "passionate, loving and sensitive", Emery is going to do great, we are proud of the little boy that he has become already!